You can look at the examples in the links.  I have created these so if you find any errors please contact me.  You can use these as you see fit to enhance your students learning in your classroom.  Please send me any feed back on their use

These study guides are created with  ExamView, a commercial software product.  ExamView offers a 30 day Trial of the software on their website, but it times out after 30 days. Users would then need to purchase a license for $139.00 or if they have an older version from a publisher they can upgrade for $89.00. If you download the program and install it on your computer, ExamView will collect all of the responses of your students to the test you generate and automatically enter them into the grade book that comes with the program. 

The curriculums that have study guides I also have converted to ExamView itembanks.  I also have the curriculums as rich text files if anyone needs them.  Unfortunately these banks can only be shared with North Carolina CTE Teachers. 

This is the site  of ExamView and a place where you can download a trial copy.

We are providing our teachers with Moodle (a black board type software) that is free and allows the teachers to use the converted itembanks to make tests, the site is